Big boss


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Nice view from my office in Brussels.



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Bike Polo @ Fixed Vikings Aalst (be)


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Sunset in the office


Guess where the boilerroom is ?

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New Business : New Office

Long time no seen. I launched a new company and this week we actually started in our new office as well : 200m2 in an old warehouse.


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Yes !

Universal Analytics are live… as a wordpress Plugin… piece of cake :

  1. Download plugin
  2. Activate it
  3. Enter your Tracking ID
  4. Go for a -long- walk… mine toke about 24 hours.

now tune tweak and be happy.

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Universal Analytics

…doesn’t seem to work on this WordPress blog, yet …  although I should be patient… (not my cup of tea). Apparently it can take up to 2 days before this plugin gets activated.

Had a good chat with a financial advisor yesterday as well. Things on the business side are progressing  : get an office somewhere. It’s always good to have a clear separation between professional and private live.



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Pura Vida !

Time to spice up things over here…

I’m at the evening before launching a new business, I’m so excited to close a bridge between Marketing and IT. Being an IT person myself, I teamed up with one of the best TAG Manager experts in Belgium and together a new company is being created…

Although we are ready to go, there is still a lot of administration to be done, but that’s under control. The technical stuff is heavier….

Got a pile of books to go through :

  • Business Model Generation : this should be a must have for all starters… it lets you sit down and start thinking… I’ll try to get into detail as soon as I know how I will use this.
  • Performance Marketing with Google Analytics… in preparation of Universal Analytics.
  • Data Science for Business.
  • Tweak IT!

But it will be great,

Seen I have to study that stuff I ‘plugged’ Universal Analytics in this very blog as well, just for the sake of learning/playing and testing…

Oh : launch of the company … about 50 days from now.



Heavy study on wonderful stuff : Business Model Generation ! (check out that book : should be

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Bye Bye Brussels !

Will miss you !



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Stats 2012

Ok, End of the year stats…

Running : 51 times for a total of 393km.
That is once a week… Bad.
2 Personal Records in 2012 :

  • Longest Distance : 21,66km
  • Fastest 5km : 23min56 on my Fivefingers!
  • Mountainbike : 27 times for a total of 704km
    That is slightly more then twice a month…. ;-(
    Besides a ride with 1.400m elevation gain I don’t think I have a PR there.

    I’m not sure about my Garmin’s (Edge 705 and Forerunner 210) topspeed registrations : 300km/h for running and 4.750km/h mountainbike…

    ok so now the resolutions :-) for 2013 :

  • Running : 10-miles : 1h35min
  • Running : 10km : 55min
  • Running : my yearly milage above 500km
  • Mountainbike : my yearly milage > 1000km.
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